Dienstag, 28. April 2015

Evolution of my Mexican Art

(etcetera23 in the travel studio)

Evolution of my Mexican Art
etcetera23 on ART TOUR

As we all can see, the Plan of "not having a plan" its more complicated as we sometimes think. Ideas change quite quick and so this goes on.
A 5 month trip from Mexico to Panama, its already 6 month and I not even left Mexico yet. But this is okay... there are no hurries here.After I got stucked in Oaxaca for some time, I finally left to the states of Pueblo and Vera Cruz.In this region was not much tourist traffic so I was more or less by my self and found time to get my watercolourpencils, rulers and pens out. I started to paint a few little paintings.

There was a little evolution here from chaos green paintings to very geometrical forms.
Some people said: "Oh you must be in the jungle, because you paintings are so green" and actually I was in the Cuetzalan Mountains. Good observation people, I havent reconized that myself, in the sense of my works. The later works in this series are much more straight lines and I guess I found influence of a city. I was in Xalapa at the time

About the technique. I find a few helping lines on my piece of paper.
I bring my geometric forms to the paper and do the outlines with a marker. I color the spaces and wash it down with the water brush. Later some background fillings with the watercolor pencils and highlighting with a thinner marker in the end.

 Here you can go and see the Paintings:

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