Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2015

Christmascards & Gifttags

(etcetera23 in the studio)

 "Greeting Cards and Gift-tags"

Today, I am showing you some of my Cards and my Gift-tags.
Everyone knows the typical Christmas-cards, with "Merry Christmas etc..." Which you can buy everywhere in stores for cheap money and some for big money... but usually they are mass produced. I want to make a little different here, with unique handmade cards, which are also a bit different and also a bit alternative to the rest out there. The Cards are also Reusable, because the come with a stick-in paper. Every Card is a unique piece and a series usually has no more than a maximum of 5-10 Cards. 

Frozen Series 

Holy S*** Series

Psychedelic Snowflakes Series



Santa needs more Coffee Series

*** This Cards are unique, just like you!
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