Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

Recuerdos de Mexico - Bookmark Art (Side Project)

(etcetera23 in the Travel Studio)

Bookmarks Made in Mexico

Meanwhile in Mexico...

I was creating my little Water Color Designs and a little side project occurred. Bookmarks!
I know, in the time of Kindle & Co maybe a bit old-school... but I still meet enough people traveling with real books. Yeah!

The style is more or less the same of my other mexican travel art. To show you, how it comes together I made a little "making of" here:

Pencil - Marker - Water Color Pencil - Brush - Highlights with the Marker

dzunum - el mundo de Joáo - el mundo de Lynda

interferencia - negrosita 2 - que voy hacer?

sentido - cinco - viajar 

 el mundo de Molly - el mundo de - negrosita1

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Montag, 25. Mai 2015

Holbox Island (Mexico) Street Art

(etcetera23 on ART Tour)

Bienvenido a Isla de Holbox en Mexico...

A little Island in the North of Quintana Roo State on the Yucatan Peninsular in Mexico.
A few years ago it had a little village with virtually no cars and only a few fisherman living there. Then the tourist came and discovered the place for there own. Now everything is changing...

But then, there was IPAF (International Public Art Festival)...

The aim of this festival is to bring together artists from around the world to reclaim the public sphere with artworks inspired by the dreams of the inhabitants of Holbox island. Holbox is a small community in the middle of a transition going from a traditional fishing village into a tourist destination. In this process the local residents feel that the keys of their own future have been taken away. We believe that the first step to make your dreams come true is by identifying and expressing the people´s will and together envision the future of the island. This is why since 2012 the project “Dreaming for Holbox” has partnered with several collectives inviting artists to get inspired by the dreams of the Holbox community. The public spaces have been intervened with various artowrks, becoming a permanent legacy for the hopes and aspirations of the residents of the island. 
- IPAF (International Public Art Festival)

Here a few of the Art Works:

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Dienstag, 5. Mai 2015

Food Trends 2015

(etcetera23 on Culinary Art)
Food Trends 2015

We went out there, we looked into the pots and blenders of some up and coming chefs. There are few things, more coming this year and others are just not making it into the the top ten list of the  "Food Trend 2015" Here our Predictions: 

1. Chia Seeds
Woah! What a Seed! Its so rich in omega acid fats, antioxidants, fiber, calcium and protein, that makes it easy to be a super food.

 2. Blended Food

Smoothies, shakes and fruit and vegetable blends. Just add all your favorite and healthy ingredients together and blend them up. Good to go in your take away cup or bottle on the way to anywhere.

3. Smoked Food
Everything gets smoked nowadays, meat, fish, cheeses, vegetable and even fruits

4. Pickled & Fermented Food
Pickle me! Ferment me! Or get it ready to use. Kimchi, Sauerkraut and Friends.

5. Gluten Free
oh no… this continuous?! Yes! Unfortunately! But please don’t be bitch on a trendy run. You are not welcome in every kitchen. If you a really have a celiac disease,  you will be treated as required, but if you are just on a trendy diet, why do you bother eating this terrible alternatives , which are properly worst for you in the first place. Just order a salad instead of this terrible buns and pasta substitutes.
By the way, most of the time it’s actually not the gluten who are the evil in the wheat.

6. Dumplings 

Stuff me! With all traditional flavors, go crazy on new combinations in sweet and savory. 

7. Mushrooms
Yes! There alternatives to the champions. Keep your eyes open in your nearby veggie store or farmers market. Also, there is might be a forest close by and get out there to a mushroom hunt in autumn.

8. Vegetarian / Vegan Food
Many People decide to go all the way without meat. Most of them can and don’t want to cope with the issues, of how animals get treated in our times. This is not a trend, this is reality and people usually not go back to be meat eaters. Parents are aware! This is in not a sickness, which you can healed. This is a choice.

9. Middle East Inspired Food 

Trend or not. This is coming, going and staying and also very popular in the vegan and vegetarian scene and if still don’t know, it´s very healthy and versatile.

10. Dessert French Fries

I only heard about it… let see that’s a thing.

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