Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016

Making of the Bookmark Series "Nemra Kingdom"

(etcetera23 in the studio)

Making of the Bookmark Series"Nemra Kingdom"

I love my Bookmarks. They are fun to do and to do with... Nemra Kingdom is a beautiful Science Fiction Bookmark Series from a Star System far far away. You can only imagine what a beauty lies somewhere else in other solar systems. This is how I picture it.
So for all, who like sci-fi this are perfect page holders for your space novels.
Apparently, you can use them for other books too... :-P
Today, I want to show you how this Unique - Watercolor & Spraypaint Bookmarks are made.

First I soak some quality 300 gm² Aquarell Paper in Water for some Minutes and then put it on a wooden board and fix it with masking tape.

I wet the paper even more and do a beautiful Aquarelic pattern painting on it and let the whole thing dry for some hours or days.

The cutting process

 Here you can see, when I brought on the spray paint


After another drying process, I paint the highlights, roundings  and details with different markers and colors.

All my Bookmarks are hand wrapped in clear adhesive film for protection, so you can enjoy/use them on the beach, in the forest or where ever you want to read your book...

the final drying process and done!

Every Piece is UNIQUE and HANDMADE!

here some more examples in different colors and styles


Sector75 & Orbit




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Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

Project: Invitation Cards with Linoleum Cut & Print

(etcetera23 in the studio)

 "Project: Invitation Cards"
here I am showing you a process of one of my recent projects.
The Challange was, to create a beautiful "Jugendweihe" Invitation Card.

To explain "Jugendweihe" Wikipedia says:
"Jugendweihe (Youth consecration) or Jugendfeier (Youth ceremony) is a secular coming of age ceremony practiced by German 14-year-olds. It originated among the secular societies in the 19th century as an alternative to Confirmation by the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches. It was especially widespread in East Germany, where state atheism was encouraged under the GDR."

In this case, we have here an 14 year old Football enthusiast, which will be having this celebration soon and he needs to invite his guest and for t
his reason I had to design a card. I took the Idea of Football and created a design for a Linoleum cut. I brought the drawing on the Lino and segmented it.

In a near by Open Print Studio (Werk2 in Connewitz in Leipzig/Germany), I did a few test prints.

of course, it still needed some cutting......

here you can see some of the tools I used, the paint, roller and press...

I did a few more test print until I came to a good result and printed it on quality 150 gm² Aquarell Paper, so I can do some finishing touches with some Watercolor paint...

Here you only can see the "green" prints i did. I went later again and did some ocker prints with the same plate and a beautiful wallpaper print as a background

In my studio, I did the Watercolor painting around the edges. I actually used Watercolor Pencils and Pentil Water Brush for the Highlighs. I mixed up some different Watercolor paints and thin them down with water and used a nip to write the letters in different colors on white paper. Than I composed everything together with double sided tape on a green paper card.
The inside has a white ribbed inlet paper for writing...

here the result: 

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